Alfred Lane: Solid Cologne



Solid cologne?! That’s the reaction I had to this product. I was confused and intrigued. But then it hit me. It’s perfect for traveling–not just to different cities but with me everyday. Since a bottle of cologne is usually too big to travel with on the daily or in travels since space is usually limited in my bag, this little solid cologne is what I didn’t know I needed but now need.


It’s super easy to apply. Just a swipe of the finger and dab on the skin and the scent is easily discernible. What I love about the scent is that is similar to the fragrances I already use–subtle, manly and distinct. The perfect combo when looking for your scent. It now travels with me in my bag. It’s a great way to freshen up after a day of work when you’re meeting friends for a dinner or for the subway home from the gym. All about it.

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